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Infotorg is Sweden’s leading provider of online information about private individuals, companies, properties and vehicles. We also offer legal information services. Our information is often an important part of the decision-making basis for companies and public agencies. We have Sweden’s most comprehensive database with information of the highest quality.

InfoTorg offers all types of information about private individuals, from name, address, telephone number, income and marital status to details about board directorships, income tax status, non-payment notices and total debts.

We have all the information you need about Swedish companies, organisations and public agencies. Among other things, we can see who is on the board of directors or stands behind a company, check its income tax status, access annual reports, view corporate information and monitor bankruptcy events. We naturally also offer basic information such as names and addresses to a company’s various offices.

Infotorg’s database contains information about 4.5 million Swedish properties, jointly-owned  facilities and participating property units. We can tell you who the legal owner is, whether there are any emcumbrances, its tax assessment value, land value, building value and much more.

Our vehicle information contains data about the current and previous owners of a vehicle. Here, it is possible to run a driver’s license check and see which vehicles are reported stolen, direct imported, deregistered (classified as unroadworthy) or prohibited from lease or rental.

InfoTorg has Sweden’s most comprehensive legal news service and archive of legal information. Among other things we have gathered all laws, bills and court decisions in areas such as economic crimes. Furthermore, we can help you to locate the right legal literature and find connections between Swedish and European law. Our legal news staff keeps track of what is happening in the legal area in Sweden and the EU on a daily basis.

InfoTorg helps its customers to maintain high quality in their registers. We update our customers’ registers, such as customer, supplier or member registers, on a monthly, weekly or daily basis. We can also look over the quality of registers immediately before a mailing campaign to ensure their accuracy and minimise the number of returns.

InfoTorg’s information can be accessed in several different ways. The simplest is to log in to our web service and seek the information you need on your own. In addition, we have recently launched an iPhone application that allows you to search our database anytime, anywhere. 

Our integrated solution, InFocus, provides fast and easy access to information about all registered individuals, companies, properties and vehicles directly in the customers’ own system.

Our customers are found in the banking, financial services, insurance, media, telecom, automotive, legal, energy and many other industries. Our customers also include numerous public agencies, municipalities, universities and libraries.

InfoTorg AB has around 70 employees and annual revenue of approximately SEK 385 million.

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