Integrity policy a symbol for Bisnode's group-wide integrity policy. This policy describes how we safeguard your personal integrity while we conduct our work as a producer and supplier of information and services that facilitate the conclusion of business deals.

This integrity policy is based on our values as publicists. Companies within Bisnode act, in their capacity as publishers, news agencies or refiners of business information, within the established framework of freedom of the press and freedom of speech. Our society is dependent on and sustained by the free purveyance of information and knowledge. This is where companies within Bisnode perform a key function. It also constitutes the core of our business concept.

Our freedom as publicists carries with it responsibilities and obligations regarding the individual's need for integrity. We take an interest in the role of the individual as a player in the financial market (covering executives and consumers alike), by making it simpler for buyers and sellers to find each other, for example. We are not, on the other hand, interested in the private spheres of individuals. This necessary line of demarcation requires careful weighing. That is why we implement the following principles:

  • We always weigh the public interest against the individual's need for personal integrity
  • We ensure, as far as possible, that the information we purvey is correct, relevant and up-to-date.
  • We continuously take organisational and technical measures to avoid disseminating information to players that are not in line with the Bisnode's principles.
  • We do not allow short-term commercial interests to overshadow our respect for the private lives of individuals
  • We evaluate and respond to any reactions and opinions that are directed at our way of handling integrity issues.

Our integrity policy applies across all media. Electronic distribution and publishing is a way of increasing and facilitating access to information of public interest. At the same time, it is becoming increasingly difficult to identify reliable and quality-assured information from amongst the vast, unlimited supply. Our responsibility as publicists is therefore becoming increasingly clear: to secure access to high-quality information for all.

If you want to know more detailed information about how our subsidiaries handle this type of information, please feel free to get in touch with the company concerned.


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